About Us

The birth of the idea of Kuyang Food Trucks brewed from the minds of Jan de Marcaida and Arnold “Kuyang” Rodriguez. With the common goal of providing excellent products and services to both local and international markets, they have since embarked on a partnership, incorporating their business talents in such fields as Petroleum Logistics and Precision Machining. Through the coaxing of some overseas “barkadas” to come up with a viable local business opportunity; one that they could come back to upon retirement, the friends saw a need to create a business model fitted to benefit kababayans who would like to invest their hard-earned currencies into a promising local business.


Acknowledging that starting up a business is not easy, Jan and Arnold, together with fellow entrepreneur and bro, Lyle de Leon, who has been developing marketing strategies for many of his clients in the form of advertising and merchandise development, formulated a business concept that packages a complete working system for the new entrepreneur, minimizing the risk of failure in their first foray into the world of business. Full logistical and technical support, breeze-through monitoring of sales, inventory and personnel, fully equipped and ready-to-operate outlets, and high quality products are the platforms by which this concept stands, making it a safe investment for a first-time business owner.

The street food industry has long been around, providing quick meals and snacks. Sadly, although cheap, there is no control over the deterioration of street food quality through the years. This is why the friends wanted to infuse your regular everyday street food with a touch of gourmet yet keeping its prices reasonably low. Also by tapping the expertise of top restaurant franchising consultants in the development of their product line, they can now bring freshly cooked, gourmet quality meals to the doorstep of homes, schools and offices all conveniently coming out of a fully functional kitchen inside a mobile food truck.


Kuyang is a service company fully committed to supplying quality food and service to its customers by:

Maintaining High Standards on its process of raw materials
Consistent monitoring of its procedures
Continuous development of food products

Kuyang’s vision is to be the market leader in the food truck business by giving its business partners a continuous edge over all others.

Kuyang will attain a level of profitability to ensure long term growth and development for the company and its business partners.

Kuyang believes that each of us has a stake in preserving our environment.
Thus the company shall adhere to all environmental laws and only use eco-friendly products.

Kuyang will conduct its business in a professional manner, employing good entrepreneurship and sensitivity to its customers,
business partners and employees.